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Jesus is my coach


A strange tea-party


“The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it:
“No room! No room!” they cried out when they saw Alice coming.
“There’s plenty of room!” said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table.
“Have some wine,” the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea, “I don’t see any wine,” she remarked .
“There isn’t any,” said the March Hare.

Alice’Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll

Count Gottfried von Bismarck


Count Gottfried von Bismarck, who died on July 2, 2007, aged 44, was a louche German aristocrat with a multi-faceted history as a pleasure-seeking heroin addict, hell-raising alcoholic, flamboyant waster and a reckless and extravagant host of homosexual orgies. Continue reading…

In an artist’s studio


Yves Klein directs paint-smeared women in “Anthropometrics of the Blue Epoch,” in Paris, in 1960. Photograph by Charles Wilp.

Rules of a gentleman


A gentleman…
Is at ease in any situation and puts others at their ease
Is always on time
Dresses to suit the occasion
Makes love on his elbows
Occasionally gets drunk but never disorderly
Is mindful of others’ financial circumstances

A gentleman does not…
Wear a pre-tied bow-tie
Drink Malibu
Buy fuschia trousers
Put products in his hair
Wear lycra
Write with a ballpoint
Plant gladioli
Own a dog

Wilfrid Brambell

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jon Lyons / Rex Features (34075g) Wilfrid Brambell VARIOUS - 1971

Wilfrid Brambell cutting a gay rug in London in 1971.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas


Le Guin’s short story is based on a supposition by the philosopher William James, which sees “millions kept permanently happy on the one simple condition that a certain lost soul on the far-off edge of things should lead a life of lonely torture.” Omelas is heaven, except for the locked room in which a child lives in dirt and despair, an ideal state’s dark secret.

Howard Johnsons, Atlantic City


Heavy-metal theology


“I think the Bible’s a good story, you know? I mean, Jesus was – back in those times, the Romans were just squashing everybody, and here comes this guy who had positive thoughts. I think that’s all there was to it. And he turned all these people on to these positive thoughts. All of a sudden all the people were going, ‘This guy’s fucking groovy.’ And the Romans were like, ‘Not that groovy, because he’s taking over all of our people we’re squashing, so we’re gonna kill him.’ He was just a positive guy who wanted to spread love and goodness. And the Romans did not dig that. And they fucking squashed him like a grape.”

Duff McKagan bassist for Guns n’ Roses

Life is like invading Russia


“A blitz start, massed shakos, plumes dancing like a flustered henhouse; a period of svelte progress recorded in ebullient despatches as the enemy falls back. Then the beginning of a long morale-sapping trudge with rations getting shorter and the first snowflakes on your face.”
Talking it Over
Julian Barnes

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